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Icons For Lunch

Mmm, tasty.

Icons by Meghan :)
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Hi and welcome to my icon community, icons_forlunch! My name is Meghan, I'm sixteen and I've been making icons for about a year and a half. Of course, my techniques and style change often, and I'm still learning :) But I'd say that I'm much better than when I started. Most of the icons I make are of celebs, fashion, and stock. But I'll take requests! :) I'm always up for new ideas. Recently I've started making icon coloring tutorials too. I'm just trying to find ways for PSP users like myself to get that selective coloring look that PS users get. There aren't many rules here. I don't require credit or comments, although feedback is helpful ;] I'm just doing this as a sort of hobby. So enjoy!

Feel free to friend my personal journal, ssupersonic.

Communities I Post At.

I'm not looking for any affiliates or new posters to my community right now but I'll be sure to let you know [if you're interested] when I am.

profile layout: reversescollide
journal layout: minty_peach

Note: I get my textures and brushes from many different places, making it hard to remember all of them. So if you see something of yours that I've used and I haven't credited you in my resources post, please let me know and I'll add you to the list/